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  • Peter Greenall | Actor/Writer

    “Before I started working with Caroline, I was unsure of what might’ve been possible to achieve. But, I’ve had several large press features, which has raised my profile and increased my social media following.

    I now have a clearer idea of a way forward & a better feel for the business side of the industry. I’d recommend working with her to fellow performers who wish to progress their career.”

    Peter Greenall | Actor/Writer
  • Stacey Barnes

    “I visited your website and I was like, DANG! Your site is amazing!! Then I watched a video you did, and in the first few seconds I was like, “I like this girl already.” And *then* right after that, you said, “Did you know it takes people only 3 seconds to form an opinion about your business?” – Like you read my freakin’ mind!”

    Stacey Barnes
  • Caroline Mukisa | Founder of Maths Insider

    “Although brand styling had risen to the top of my list as THE thing I needed to sort out for my business, I thought I’d either just research the info for myself or contact Caroline in a month or two (or even next year)… I contacted her within an hour! She helped me find clarity and asked great questions to drill down to the essence of me and my brand.

    Caroline has expert knowledge, but is down to earth and so easy to relate to. I’d recommend her to anyone who wants expert clarity on styling their brand.”

    Caroline Mukisa | Founder of Maths Insider
  • Sophie Griffin | Actress/Entrepreneur

    “I live in West Sussex. And for me, the biggest problem I have with living so far outside of London, is not having anybody to network with – there aren’t any industry pros I can talk to. That’s why working with Caroline is really good. She’s made it possible for me to take control of my own career, and make the connections that I wouldn’t be able to make otherwise.”

    Sophie Griffin | Actress/Entrepreneur

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